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Remotely Controlled, Programmable and MORE!

TWO Best Manipulation Magic Trick Candles


Thumb Magic Smoke and SMALLEST FLASHER

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Quality is never an accident

See What Everyone Is Saying

"For my magic act with a robot I needed a couple of remote-controlled solutions. And Bojan has them all. His products were a great addition to the show and his on-going service and instant feedback were highly appreciated."
Simon Pierro
Famous Magician
"High-quality, low risk, and Awesome effects! I really like your on/off Candle 👍"
이명준 MyungJoon
Famous Magician
"Bojan Jelenković’s products are great! I and always surprised by his creativity and magical solutions, highly recommended"
Caio Ferreira
Famous Magician

Contributions Magic Workshops Seminars & Conventions

my love for magic

I teach on workshops with other magicians, mainly on pyro, flash magic, and devices. The need for technology on the magic stage and shows is tremendous and I’m the most specialized in that and it is a privilege to be!

I’m attending every major seminar and convention, it is amazing to be part of that large meetup of professional magicians where we can hang out and exchange experiences. Most of all to see old friends who taught me and to see new ones grow in great magicians!

My Contributions:

How do we make props and why do we focus on quality?