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Elegant Wine Smoke Glass and Smoke machine for other tricks!

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Third Hand

Remotely Controlled, Automated, Programmable and more!

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Manipulation Candles for Manipulation Magic Tricks

Electronic manipulation candles with a gimmick that is made for closeup and stage magic.

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Magic Tricks, Props & Devices for Trick

Professional Magic Tricks

Providing the highest quality gimmicks and props for professional magicians.

Custom Magic Tricks

Making magic tricks on request, you have idea for an awesome show but you lack props and gimmicks?

New & Unique Magic Tricks

We invent new and never used magic tricks, routines and props!

Professional Magic Tricks:
Devices, Props and Gimmicks

I'm making professional magic devices for magic tricks. These props and gimmicks are made to last and to be reused many times. All devices are made by hand to be sold and long-lasting!

Implementing new technologies and programming with electronics, that I combine with magic, is making everything so much easier for magicians!

Some of the devices are developed approximately from 1 to 4 years, just to make them perfect!

Custom Magic Tricks:
Devices, Props and Gimmicks

We make magic props on request with the same quality as our regular products and we go with you through the whole process on a fast track.

You have an idea, but you don't know how to make it work? I know many people who make props and I have 30 years' experience that can help us to bring your gimmick to life.

Also, we make exact devices if you have complete ideas and sketches.

If your performance requires programmable boards, electronics, print 3D, we can make it and provide the experience of 30 years in this field!

Custom Magic Tricks: Devices, Props and Gimmicks
New & Unique Tricks: Premium and Never Used Magic Tricks
New & Unique Tricks: Premium and Never Used Magic Tricks

New & Unique Magic Tricks:
Premium and Never Used Magic Tricks

Making premium and never used tricks, we have the policy to make a deal with first buyers not to sell a product!

Everything you need to do is to apply in pre realize on Premium Magic Tricks Page.

Meaning that you can buy full premium Routine, Prop (device) and only you will have it.

If no one bought the rights for the trick, it will be released to the first 10 buyers for the next 3 months!

Contributions Magic Workshops Seminars & Conventions

my love for magic

I teach on workshops with other magicians, mainly on pyro, flash magic, and devices. The need for technology on the magic stage and shows is tremendous and I’m the most specialized in that and it is a privilege to be!

I’m attending every major seminar and convention, it is amazing to be part of that large meetup of professional magicians where we can hang out and exchange experiences. Most of all to see old friends who taught me and to see new ones grow in great magicians!

My Contributions:

Customers Reviews

"For my magic act with a robot I needed a couple of remote-controlled solutions. And Bojan has them all. His products were a great addition to the show and his on-going service and instant feedback were highly appreciated."
Simon Pierro
Famous Magician
"High-quality, low risk, and Awesome effects! I really like your on/off Candle 👍"
이명준 MyungJoon
Famous Magician
"Bojan Jelenković’s products are great! I and always surprised by his creativity and magical solutions, highly recommended"
Caio Ferreira
Famous Magician
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Loyalty list - vip

On our long term costumers request we have created LOYALTY LIST –  a letter with upcoming props and new inventions, not frequent but worth gold, have a chance to be first using new magic tricks.

How we make gimmicks and props and why we focus on quality?

Quality is never an accident

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