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Flash Paper is the most important supply for every magician to perform magic tricks. We make the highest quality paper around the world.


For special colors and bigger order contact us, WE MAKE THEM ALL!
To view how it performs watch any of our videos on YouTube Click Here, we use it everywhere!


Magic Flash Paper that we make is clean white and it makes flash and flames so bright that no one can see what happened for a few seconds with just a small piece. On every our video about other gimmicks and props we are using it and it is stunning even on video! It does not tear like other papers also you can make roses or other stuff without ripping it by accident.


We supply some of the top magicians in the world regularly and this is what sales first of the table on magic congress that we visited many times by the name BojanMagic.com
Bo Magic Flash Paper is made by hand and produced in Europe by real magician Bojan J.
This is the official website and no other is selling products made by us!


Features & Specifications:
  • Highest quality
  • Flammable on heat, cigarette, spark, and fire.
Package Contains:
  • 10 pieces (1 piece dimensions 20 x 24 cm)

For a closer look and a fraction of what it can do have a look in the video. We will make a video of how to use soon as well as a new slow-burning paper!

Dimensions 20 cm
Dimensions of one paper

20 x 24 cm

3 reviews for Flash Paper – 10 Papers of Highest Quality Magic Flash Paper

  1. Josh

    good quality!

  2. Greg

    Better than cheaper but comes out to the same with this amount! I was surprised when I received 10!

  3. Irish Ronsani

    I love it when folks get together and share ideas. Great site, keep it up!

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