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We are dedicated to make best possible magic tricks, props and gimmicks. Find out why and more on this page!


On our facebook we are posting most important things only. New magic tricks and props.

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For those who love to watch magic daily, we are posting all tricks from the oldest ones to the newest! Follow us on @bojanmagic


Our YouTube Channel for thus who want to see more of what can you do with my magic props and learn magic!

Our story

Hello, I’m Bojan and I’m magician for 31 years, making new magic tricks and enjoying the magic. I love to share and teach those who share the same passion and love for magic.

I hope that you will enjoy all my tricks and props as I enjoy making them.

Props and gimmicks that I make are rare and real craft (handmade), I prefer to make limited numbers of products because of quality and it cannot be done in different way in that quality they make magic perfect and props easy to use!

I collaborate with other professional magicians and made special props for their shows. Read their reviews!

Who we are?

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magician & inventor


Project menager

We are Company that makes Magic Props and Custom inventions with Love

Idea was here for 31 years and now with a little help from many magicians, friends and years of doing magic we are able to bring Magic products and supplies of the highest quality and some jaw dropping magic tricks.

If you would like to know more about our dedication and how we make products click on link below!

Our gallery

Some Of
Our Great

Magic Candle with Remote Ignition and later with Extinguishing is improved over and over, I can say it is perfected in every way just like every our magic prop!

Made them for Hollywood movies and many big stage shows and famous magicians! 

Magic Tricks, Props & Devices for Trick

Professional Magic Tricks

Providing the highest quality gimmicks and props for professional magicians.

Custom Magic Tricks

Making magic tricks on request, you have idea for an awesome show but you lack props and gimmicks?

New & Unique Magic Tricks

We invent new and never used magic tricks, routines and props!


Professional Magic Tricks:
Devices, Props and Gimmicks

I'm making professional magic devices for magic tricks. These props and gimmicks are made to last and to be reused many times. All devices are made by hand to be sold and long-lasting!

Implementing new technologies and programming with electronics, that I combine with magic, is making everything so much easier for magicians!

Some of the devices are developed approximately from 1 to 4 years, just to make them perfect!

Custom Magic Tricks:
Devices, Props and Gimmicks

We make magic props on request with the same quality as our regular products and we go with you through the whole process on a fast track.

You have an idea, but you don't know how to make it work? I know many people who make props and I have 30 years' experience that can help us to bring your gimmick to life.

Also, we make exact devices if you have complete ideas and sketches.

If your performance requires programmable boards, electronics, print 3D, we can make it and provide the experience of 30 years in this field!

Custom Magic Tricks: Devices, Props and Gimmicks
New & Unique Tricks: Premium and Never Used Magic Tricks
New & Unique Tricks: Premium and Never Used Magic Tricks

New & Unique Magic Tricks:
Premium and Never Used Magic Tricks

Making premium and never used tricks, we have the policy to make a deal with first buyers not to sell a product!

Everything you need to do is to apply in pre realize on Premium Magic Tricks Page.

Meaning that you can buy full premium Routine, Prop (device) and only you will have it.

If no one bought the rights for the trick, it will be released to the first 10 buyers for the next 3 months!