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B Coffee Cup is New realistically designed Chop Cup as Coffee Cup, this Magic Cup is made for a more realistic approach and without magnets, making you more comfortable around people in closeup magic and no annoying sounds of magnets.

B Coffee Cup is working without MAGNETS, it is electronic and quiet, making all stay and wounder where did balls go and you can do Milion routines. It is also possible to perform in front of your audience aka closeup magic or on stage where you can even make balls appear, disappear, exchange, change color, or whatever you think of or your guests! There are no magnets like old complicated cups, making noises and falling off, this is all new electronic devices that will keep balls safe and allow you to focus on impressing people!


Features & Specifications:
  • NO MAGNETS, electronics device!
  • Rechargeable Battery up to 3 days of use!
  • Electric mechanism
  • Handmade
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Closeup or Stage Magic
  • Simple and Easy to use
Package Contains:
  • 1 Coffee Cup
  • 3 Balls
  • USB Cable for charging

More variations and simple to use. I came up with amazing routines fast and easy, have a look in the video.
If you would like the more traditional version, have a look at our advanced Classic Chop Cup
Inspired by Don Alan Chop Cup Routine

Chop Cup with Balls – Coffee Cup is made by hand and produced in Europe by real magician Bojan J.
This is the official website and no other is selling products made by us!

Weight 20 g


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