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Sleeve Flasher is a magic flasher for tricks, it is made for a sleeve and can throw a flame 30 centimeters long. It is easy to use in every place, closeup, or stage magic to flash your audience!

Sleeve Flasher is an electronic light flash with a button that can be placed anywhere on your body, it makes your hands free and it is a real game-changer. You can use it with Flash Cotton and in combination with sparkles and you can use Flash Paper to make some louder explosion!
This magic prop is the real ace up your sleeve!!


For the best use, we recommend Flash Cotton
For a closer look and a fraction of what it can do have a look in the video.


Features & Specifications:
  • Plasma Ignition
  • Handmade
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Remote Control
  • Closeup or Stage Magic
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Weighs only 20 grams
  • Rechargeable Battery
Package Contains:
  • 1 Flasher
  • USB Cable for charging
  • Beautiful Box for storage and travel

Sleeve Flasher is made by hand and produced in Europe by real magician Bojan J.
This is the official website and no other is selling products made by us!

Flasher Weight

20 g

1 review for Sleeve Flasher – 30cm Flame – Magic Flasher For Tricks

  1. Thomas Clarke

    Received this two weeks ago. It is well made and is sturdy built . Best materials and relabel> Have used many times and it works each and every time > It Has been a great hit with my magic show for kids > I will be ordering a lot more from Bojan.

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