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Smoke String is one of the most important supplies for every magician to perform magic tricks and it is a gimmick by itself. We make the highest quality string available.

Magic Smoke String is a cotton string treated with special chemicals. It makes high-density smoke and in huge amounts while burning. It is neat and practical for smoke effects and covering your routines, and also used in one of my most popular props Smoke Thumb as refills with just 5cm for 1 huge smoke!
So you can use just string for your magic show, or you can use it in combination with other props. That will make your performance so much effective and spectacular.


We supply some of the top magicians in the world regularly and this is what sales first of the table on magic congress that we visited many times by the name BojanMagic.com


It’s handmade and produced in Europe, made by real magician Bojan J.
This is the official website and no other is selling products made by us!
We will make a promo video and how to use it soon!


Features & Specifications:
  • Flammable on heat, cigarette, spark, and fire.
Package Contains:
  • 10 meters of string, if you need a longer string contact us. 


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